Tail Dragon

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A dragon born with 7 tails.

Lives in a swamp and feeds on fish. When it has fully grown it uses its tail to hunt.

7개의 꼬리를 가지고 태어난 용. 늪지에 주로 서식하며 물고기를 먹고 살아간다. 성체가 되면 꼬리를 이용해 공격해 먹이를 잡는다.


Elemental 2

Maximum Status at 1 lv


Maximum Stats up at a level up



  • The egg can be found by exploring Wrecked Ship area or randomly by purchasing an water egg through the egg shop.
  • This egg can be obtained/be the first dragon in your adventure you have

Confirmed Egg CombinationEdit

Egg + Frost + Lady

Hell + ? + Mini

Cards required for a CapsuleEdit