Goldenfly Dragon

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A unique dragon with three wings and three eyes. The third eye which opens only when the dragon is mature, is known to see the glimpse of the future.

삼족오라는 까마귀와 비슷해서 지어진 이름이다. 날개가 3개 , 눈이 3개이다 세번째 눈은 어릴때 감겨 있는데 성장하면서 세번째 눈이 뜨면 엄청난 말썽꾸러기가 된다.


Elemental 3

Maximum Status at 1 lv


Maximum Stats up at a level up



  • This dragon created by 도나뱀 and has submitted on 드빌 캐릭터 그리기 대전.
  • Korean version differ little from English version on their name, Korean name means 'Golden Crow'.
  • The egg can be found by exploring Fire Mountains area or randomly by purchasing a fire egg through the egg shop.

Confirmed Egg CombinationEdit

Golden Horn + Tiger + Metal Magnet

Cards required for a CapsuleEdit