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  • Dragons are mythical beasts were once thought to be extinct, but now they are back!
  • Venture out into Dragon Village and reveal all of the hidden dragon eggs!
  • There are a total 2000+ dragons which fall into 10 unique types: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark, Dusk, Dawn, Nightmare and legend.
  • Are you still looking for your goal? Find the eggs of those legendary creatures, then train them to conquer all challenges and be the best of the best in Dragon Village!
  • Visit the Dv1 Discord ( to join other English speaking players to ask questions and chat about Dragon Village.
  • All the artworks and designs belong to highbrow.
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  • English board has been removed due to lack of players which is why this was created.
  • Info will be sent for Koreans and International players.
  • Discord is for all types of Dragon Village players whether you play DV2, DVM ect.
  • The wiki is under development and anyone is welcome to help.
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  • Go to
  • Be the best Dragon Tamer!
  • Simple operations make this role-play app easy to play!
  • Each dragon has a diverse appearance and ability!
  • Go on adventures and beat the monsters to get great Items or Dragon Eggs!
  • Fight your friends or other Dragon Tamers in the Colosseum!
  • Request the prophesy and Combine eggs to get special eggs in the Spirit Lodge!
Featured Dragon
God Dragon
These dragons will help you to beat the Darknix in the first scenario before you have to make him as a Capsule form!

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