Dragons, the mythical beasts that were once thought to be extinct, have returned.

Your goal? Find the eggs of these legendary creatures and train them to perfection.

There are a total of 140+ dragons that fall into six categories: earth, water, fire, wind, light and darkness.

3 levels of evolution per dragon and a diverse range of stages to explore from the Wrecked Ship to the Fire Mountains.

Venture out into the world of Dragon Village and reveal the hidden dragon eggs. 

Conquer all the challenges with your dragons to be the best of the best at Dragon Village. 

Features include:

Simple mechanics, gameplay

Diverse appearance and abilities of legendary dragons

Neat and upgraded visuals for the Android

Be the best on the Leaderboard

Conquer ancient monsters in the Dungeon Stage

Fight your friends and other players through the PvP system

Addition of the Spirit Lodge (Prophecy, Combination)

*PLEASE NOTE* Items may be purchased outside of the game with In App Billing through the use of real life money. (According to Consumer Protection Act all transaction cancellations can be restricted. Please e-mail <> for further details.) In order to load your personal data in this game, you must be connected to either 3G/4G/WIFI.